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The Cyber IDiots


APT Big Daddy

APT Big Daddy aka Dahvid Schloss is not your real dad. In his day job, he is an emulated mob boss leading groups of emulated criminals, but in his off time, he is a windows malware developer/malware developer instructor, much cooler than your real dad. He has a wide background in cybersecurity starting off his career in the US military as a SOF commo operator until he was kidnapped by aliens who made him super smart. After the military found out he went to the matrix they kicked him out for being quote, "too cool for school". He has done nothing cool with this experience. He loves this field and is a black badge holder for Def Con which he accredits to The Beige Mystic for “hooking him up”.

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The Beige Mystique

Born in a log cabin to a coal miner and his wife in 1865 in Barrington, Illinois, The Beige Mystique (AKA Ross Flynn) has only ever known strife. As the 4th of 12 children, and the oldest to survive “the illness”, Ross spent his youth working the paper mill and trading NFTs for cigarettes. When he came of age, he began hacking the Amish, intercepting Ezekiel’s mail from Josiah to double the weekly milk allotment. In his free time, Ross develops possum facial recognition software and catches butterflies at the semi-professional level.

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Once in a generation there comes a human so motivational, so pure, so strong in their presence that the world cannot help but to take notice. That person is not @Elder. Elder is barely even a person. Hatched sometime in the late 80s to a family of red squirrels, Elder quickly became a Pokemon Master before *they* moved the goalposts and invented 1200 new Pokemon and 85 new gyms. His status was grandfathered and he retains this title to this day (Red Version Gameboy Color 1999). Following a nearly decade-long stint in the United States-iest Air Force in the world, Elder retired to a cabin in the woods to live out the rest of his days eating chips and hackin’ for them sweet, sweet moneydollars. Elder’s ideal date is [REDACTED].

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Bobbyrsec aka Bobby Rauch is an offsec pro, social media influencer (12 Twitter followers), and cybersecurity researcher. Bobbyrsec stumbled upon Kevin Mitnick's book in high school and soon after began his hacking journey by reading "Ethical Hacking for Dummies" - he would proceed to crack the school's domain admin password with a John the Ripper CD and remotely shut down his classmates' computers as they tried playing computer games in class. He now pretty much does the same thing for a living, and hangs out in his free time with other "Cyber Idiots" who do the same.

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The Cyber Idiots

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